Welcome to your options choices at Key Stage 4 - Year 10 & Year 11.

Please note there will be live Google Meet sessions with teachers of both option choices and compulsory subjects on the 25th of March 5-7pm.

Each teacher will run 5 20 minute identical sessions during the evening so you need to select which 5 subjects you would like to attend. There is a 5 minute break in between each session. Please join at the beginning of each session.

The links to these sessions will 'go live' and appear here at 5pm on the evening.

Timings are as follows:

Session 1 5:00-5:20

Session 2 5:25-5.45

Session 3 5:50-6:10

Session 4 6:15-6:35

Session 5 6:40-7:00

Please note the 5 minute break between sessions.

ALN Telephone Call Request Form

Please complete this Google Form by the end of the evening to request a telephone call from our Additional Learning Needs Department on Friday 26th March to discuss your child's Option choices.

Options Booklet

To see the wide ranging options that we offer for Key Stage 4, please see our options booklet that you can access easily by clicking here, alternatively you can visit each of the subject pages by clicking on each of the courses.

Subject Introduction Videos and Presentations

We have prepared video introductions and presentations for all of our courses this year, of course we would prefer to do this in person, but we hope this will help you get a flavour the subject and the teachers until we can see you in person. Please click on the relevant subjects in the drop down menu at the top to view details of the course - keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to see our full list of subjects.

Our New School Build

We are extremely proud of the design of our new school building. Though the building is currently in the process of being completed, we hope this video helps give you a taste of what it will be like.