The Course

This has a genuine appeal for most young people and an obvious relevance to today’s world. We study 4 themes of different historical periods which will help you to understand our country's past and also current affairs and modern society. The study of History will help you to develop a number of useful skills, all of which will be welcomed by employers in a wide variety of jobs. GCSE History helps you to analyse and evaluate information, understand how people in different situations think and feel, and to conduct individual research. Employers will also know that you are able to present your ideas clearly and logically. You will have lots of opportunities to discuss and debate issues and to argue them.

Course Content

USA 1910 - 1929: This module covers the ‘swinging thirties’ of American history. In the completion of this topic you will learn about many changes that took place in America during this period including immigration, gangsters, women’s lives, racism and political corruption.

Elizabethan Age 1587 - 1603: In this module you will discover the period of the final Tudor monarch. You will learn about the many plots against her reign, the threat from the Spanish, how she ruled her country, the problems of poverty and Elizabethan entertainment and fashion.

Crime and Punishment c.1500 - present day: In this module you will learn about the changes and continuity in crime and punishment across a 500 year period. You will study how the causes, nature and punishments of crime have changed across the period. You will learn about the difficulties in enforcing law and order and how the country’s attitudes to punishment changed from harsh punishments and the death penalty to the rehabilitation model of today.

Non-examined Assessment: This will be completed in class and cover two units on World War One. You will study how women's lives changed in Britain as a result of WW1 and also how to assess how competent the generals of the British Army were.

Course Structure

Unit 1: USA - 25%

Unit 2: Elizabethan Age - 25%

Unit 3: Crime and Punishment - 30%

Non-exam Assessment - 20%

Each module is taught using a variety of techniques and resources including exciting visual footage given the modern focus of the course. The course is designed to help you acquire knowledge and understanding that will help you understand the world in which we live today.

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