Level 2 GCSE in Graphic Communication

The Course

Graphic communication is all around us, from the front cover of your favourite video game, to the promotional poster of your favourite movie. Remember that advert that caught your attention? That unique logo? The likelihood is that a graphic design has been used to create it. On the course you will develop an understanding of Graphics by learning about a variety of artists and graphic designers. You will experiment with an exciting range of different media, materials and techniques to improve your skills. You will be encouraged to use your imagination to be creative and expressive in your personal responses. You will learn how to use computer aided design software to create innovative graphical outcomes. As your confidence grows, you will be able to have more freedom to select your own themes and ideas.

The focus of the specification is to nurture an enthusiasm for Art, Craft and Design and, through a broad introductory foundation programme, to develop critical, practical and theoretical skills that enable students to gain a holistic understanding of a range of practices and contexts in the visual arts, crafts and design fields.

Students undertaking the graphic communication title are required to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding set in the following areas of study include:

Advertising, Communication graphics, Design for print, Illustration, Interactive design (including web, app and game), Multimedia, Package design, Signage, Typography. The work learners carry out is not limited to one area of study.

Course Structure

Unit 1: ‘Portfolio’ (Internally assessed, externally moderated). The development of this portfolio encourages adventurous and open programmes of study that promote purposeful exploration, experimentation and opportunities for productive personal expression. The internally assessed, externally moderated.

Unit 2: Exam board assignment. This externally set assignment enables students to apply the knowledge, understanding and skills that they have acquired in Unit 1 by producing an appropriate outcome within a set time frame to demonstrate their best achievement.

Other Information

Course Progression - Enrol on an A-Level Product Design in Haverfordwest High School.