Retail Business

Retail Business:

Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Do you dream of starting your own business one day? From marketing and merchandising to good customer service - are you fascinated by the world of retail business and eager to discover how it all works? If so, it’s time to uncover your potential – find out more about this exciting qualification today! 


This qualification is made up of 3 units: 

Unit 1: The business of retail 

You will be introduced to the business of retail and will explore the dynamic and competitive nature of the retail industry. Gain knowledge and understanding of different types of retail business and retail activity, as well as the impact of external factors on the industry e.g. growth in sustainability. 

Unit 2: Customer service for retail business

Develop your knowledge and understanding of the principles of customer service for retail business and have the opportunity to investigate the customer service experience across a retail organisation selected by you. 

Unit 3: Merchandising and marketing of retail products

Be introduced to the importance of visual merchandising and marketing retail products, and how retail businesses use visual merchandising and marketing to achieve their aims. Apply your knowledge and understanding to design visual merchandising installations and promotional materials. All three units will consider retailing in physical stores and online retailing.


 You will be assessed through a mixture of exams and project work. 

Unit 1 will be assessed through an exam, which is worth 40% of your qualification. The exam will last 1 hour and 30 minutes and will be made up of multiple-choice questions, and short and extended answers. 

Unit 2 will involve project work, where you will investigate the customer service of a selected retail business. This is worth 30% of your qualification, and will take 6 hours to complete. 

For Unit 3, you will design visual merchandising and marketing materials in response to a given brief. This will take place over 8 hours, and will be worth 30% of your qualification.


You will develop a range of skills which are attractive to employers, colleges and universities including: 

Communication Critical thinking Learning independently Research Taking on responsibility Time management. 


Content writer Customer service representative E-commerce web developer Logistics Marketing assistant Marketing management Retail buyer Retail management Sales associate Social media Team leader Visual merchandiser