How can you access career support and advice for your option choices?

Here at Haverfordwest High we provide two main ways to access support for your option choices and future career.

  1. Careers Wales: speak to someone about your choices.

Careers Wales offer a one to one Careers Guidance Service to pupils. You can contact our Careers Advisers via email to book an appointment. These appointments might be in person or by phone. Our Careers Advisers are Rachel Watson and Rebecca Edmunds. Their email addresses are:

There is also plenty of advice and guidance about Careers in Wales and further afield on the Careers Wales website Careers Wales

Who else can help you to make a choice?

*Subject Teacher

*Head of Year

*Form Tutor

*P.S.E Teacher

*Learning/Support Coach

*Parents /Guardians

*Family and Friends

How do you make your choice?

A Careers Wales Video clip about making a choice.

  1. Unifrog: do some online investigating

In Year 9 many of you have already made use of this opportunity to explore careers in your P.S.E lessons. Do watch the video below for more information about making the most of Unifrog.

To log in you will need to go to and enter your school email address. Use the password sent by Unifrog in October 2020 (check your spam folder too) or if you are unable to find it or have forgotten your password you should just press "Forgotten Password" and an email will be sent.

Once in Unifrog there are two pathways to explore your future career:

1.If you have no idea, you can take the "Personality" or "Interests" quiz.

2. If you already have a subject or a career that you are interested in, you could find out more about the qualifications and skills you need, or even start a free online course.

Video Unifrog: How to get the most out of this Careers Search Tool.

Wishing you the best of luck with your choices and studies next year.

Kind regards,

Miss Allen.

To see some helpful advice from Careers Wales please click here