Fashion & Textiles

Textiles - Options KS4

Level 2 GCSE in Art- Fashion & Textiles

The Course

Art- Fashion & Textiles is a superb option subject for those considering careers in fashion, textile design, working with children, education, visual display, marketing, exhibition design, hair and make-up, costume and theatre design. It may be possible to continue to an A level in textiles in this school. This qualification is also useful for a career in retail, drama and TV, set design, costume design, and fashion.

Course Structure

Controlled Assessment 1 (Candidate Portfolio 60%)

Candidate Portfolio: Completed in school with a chosen theme where you will present a selection of your work. The Textiles GCSE is an exciting, stimulating course, ideal for students who have a passion for colour and how things `feel' as well as how they look. You will work from observation and experimentation to record the world around you. You will learn how to work with Batik (hot wax), use different methods of printing and use a sewing machine and CNC sewing machine to create beautiful pieces of art. You must be willing to design, draw and paint, as well as take photographs and research other artists' work. Your final pieces could be wall-hangings, hats, cushions, bags, fashion items, fabric sculpture or lights.

Controlled Assessment 2 (Externally set task 40%)

Externally set, this task is a 10 hour examination in the under controlled conditions. There is preparation time before the exam usually about three months. During this time candidates will research a chosen theme by drawing, photographing, experimenting with textile techniques. Your work is assessed by your teacher and an external moderator from the exam board.

Other Information

Fashion & Textiles encourages you to observe, select and interpret with imagination, feeling and understanding. You will write about artworks and make comparisons with your own work. Your final pieces may be cushions, hats, wall hangings, items of fashion or textile sculptures. You may be depicting what you see, or making a 'statement' about the world. Please be prepared for lots of enjoyment, but also lots of hard work!