BTEC Sport

BTEC Sport Presentation template

The Course

The BTEC Certificate Level 2 in Leadership Through Sport is the first step on the ladder for learners who want to become coaches. The course involves practical and theoretical work. Learners have to complete 3 modules in ‘planning and leading a sports activity’, ‘technical skills and tactical awareness in sport’ and ‘planning and running a sports event’. Learners get the opportunity to become coaches within the learning community and help run sport festivals that are held over the course of a year. As well as this learners will complete a ‘rugby tag award’ which is a recognised coaching award the WRU run.

You will develop skills in:

Critical thinking, confidence, communication, cooperation, presentation, literacy, empathy, problem solving, and organisation.

Course Content

You will:

  • Describe the skills, qualities and responsibilities associated with successful leadership.

  • Plan, lead and review a sports activity.

  • Produce a plan for a chosen sports event, outlining the planning process.

  • Contribute to the planning and leading of a sports event reviewing your own performance.

  • Describe the technical and tactical demands of a chosen sport.

  • Assess the technical skills and tactical awareness of an elite performer.

  • Assess own technical skills and tactical awareness in a chosen spot.

  • Produce, carry out and review a six week training programme, with tutor support, to develop own technical skills and tactical awareness.

Course Structure

Unit 1: Planning and leading a sports activity- Coursework

Unit 2: Technical skills and tactical awareness in sport- Coursework

Unit 3: Planning and running a sports event- Coursework