Business Studies

The Course

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, knowledge of the practices and processes of business activity is an important part of the survival kit for any citizen. Business Studies uses knowledge and experiences that pupils have already encountered from school, friends, part-time jobs and parents, and builds on this to explore the decisions taken by business organisations.

GCSE Business Studies has been designed to promote a practical approach to learning, which centres on the students acquiring skills through investigating different business practices. Pupils will be encouraged to think like business leaders, by participating in realistic problem solving activities through role-plays, games and assignments.

During the two year course pupils will learn how a business decides who it is going to employ, how it is going to encourage people to buy its product, which production methods it will use, and how it is going to pay for itself. Much use is made of local businesses, and visits and speakers are organised to help pupils research the different topic areas.

Course Content

We follow the WJEC exam specification for GCSE Business, which covers six topics in total, examined through two external exams at the end of the course. Unit 1 examines the pupils’ analytical and evaluative skills as well as their knowledge of the course. Unit 2 tests their ability to apply their knowledge to a range of business scenarios and put their critical thinking and problem solving to the test!

The six topic areas covered at GCSE level are:

Business activity

Influences on business

Business operations



Human resources

Course Structure

Unit 1: Business World Unit 2: Business Perceptions

Written examinations: 2 hours Written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes

62.5% of qualification (100 marks total) 37.5% of qualification (60 marks total)

Other Information

Both units assess content from all 6 topics, so learners will be required to draw together knowledge, skills and understanding from across the subject content in each assessment. Learners will be expected to use a range of mathematical skills and make justifiable decisions using both quantitative and qualitative methods applied in the context of GCSE Business.