Y Cwrs/The Course

Dwy iaith, dwywaith y dewis ... Two languages, twice the choice ...

The course is designed to enable all learners to gain in confidence and achieve success. In following this course, learners will develop transferable language skills which can be applied to a wide variety of situations and to other languages. Learners improve not only their communication skills, but also their creativity and problem solving abilities. In the increasingly competitive further education and job markets, being bilingual is a major advantage - you have more choices, and therefore more exciting future opportunities to explore.

Strwythur y Cwrs/Course Structure

Learners will follow a full course GCSE in Welsh 2nd Language. Three broad themes are covered ;

  • Cyflogaeth/Employment: a practical topic, covering how to apply for jobs, work experience, and job skills

  • Cymru a’r Byd/Wales and the World: from life in Wales to the role of Wales in the wider world

  • Ieuenctid/Youth: ambitions, problems, family, friends and other influences

Arholiadau ac Asesiadau/Examinations and assessments

The Welsh 2nd Language GCSE consists of four units, each unit is worth 25% of the final qualification.

Unit 1: Assessment of oracy (listening 15%; speaking 10%). Learners are required to work in pairs/groups of three, and will discuss the content of a previously unseen DVD presentation.

Unit 2: Assessment of oracy (speaking 20%; listening 5%). Learners are required to work in pairs/groups of three, and will discuss a range of pictures, short reading texts and graphs.

Unit 3: Written examination: 1hr 30mins (reading 15%; writing 10%). Candidates respond to a variety of reading tasks, including English to Welsh translation and proofreading.

Unit 4: Written examination: 1hr 30mins (reading 10%; writing 15%). Candidates respond to a range of reading materials, and complete writing tasks on a variety of topics

Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol/Other information

The course focuses on developing the regular use of a wide range of sentence structures and vocabulary. Learners will have opportunities to express their opinions on a variety of topics, with the aim of encouraging the use of conversational ‘real life’ language. Reading tasks will include proofreading and practical translation work, whilst writing activities will focus on being able to communicate information in realistic everyday situations.

For those finding the GCSE course particularly challenging, the school offers the Agored Cymru Level 2 Wales, Europe and the World qualification. This is a vocational course which offers pupils the chance to explore a wide range of exciting topics including Welsh music, tourism, and creative industries.

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