Health & Social Care and Childcare

The Course

The Health, Social and Child Care sectors are the largest public sectors in the UK. This course has been designed to include contemporary issues in relation to the provision of an ethical and sustainable health and social care, and childcare system in Wales. This course is for individuals who want to work with and care for people from a variety of ages, backgrounds and vulnerability. 

Course Structure:

Unit 1: Human growth, development and well-being (Externally assessed examination - 90 mins) 

Unit 2:  Promoting and maintaining health and wellbeing (2 tasks of Internally assessed coursework). 

This includes: 

Task 1: Service Provision: Investigate Health and social care, and childcare provisions in Wales that promote and support health and well-being.

Task 2: Health Promotion: Study Public health and health promotion campaigns across the life cycle and design and promote your own. 

Course content:

Learners have the opportunity to develop their understanding of influences on human growth, development, behaviour and well-being. They will also gain an understanding of the social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs of people who use care and support services, and recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs. 

Learners will gain an understanding of how service provision in Wales supports the development and wellbeing of individuals, to be able to make informed decisions now and in later life.