Product Design

Product Design - Options KS4


Level 2 GCSE in Product Design

The Course

This course offers you a unique and exciting opportunity to develop the skills of the product designer. Are you the creative person that can design and develop the next means of communication or can you help the environment by designing eco-friendly homeless shelters for use in disaster zones or the next generation of electric cars? Are you interested in becoming an architect designing buildings and public spaces? If so, studying Product Design is the course for you..

Throughout Year 10, students studying product design will spend 70% of their time producing practical & design work, developing and honing general practical and CAD skills. This course offers students a good balance of hands on experiences not offered through many other subjects, so if you enjoy learning through doing and creating then this could be a good option to consider.

Course Structure

Unit 1: 50% Examination Unit 2: 50% Coursework

Year 10: Development of designing and making skills through carrying out mini projects using a range or materials and processes alongside developing including CAD.

Year 11: Design and make coursework – September to April along with continued examination preparation

Course Content

This course will allow you to experience:

Designing quality products using:

Graphical drawing skills, CAD (Computer Aided Design) – 2D Design, use of the laser cutter, 3D computer Modeling – Pro-Desktop and 3D printing and using general ICT skills to professionally present work.

Making quality models, prototypes and products using:

A range of resistant and soft materials including: woods, metals, plastics, card, and modelling Styrofoams which demonstrate skills in traditional crafts as well as utilising modern 3D printing , milling and laser cutting techniques.

Other Information

Course Progression - Enrol on an A-Level Product Design in Haverfordwest High School.