The Course

The Level 1 / 2 Award in Tourism provides a learning experience for 14 to 16 year olds through applied learning. Students will acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks set in sector or subject contexts that have many of the characteristics of real work.

Course Structure and Content

The qualification consists of 3 units (1 external exam, 2 pieces of controlled assessment) and will focus on tourist attractions in and around Pembrokeshire.

The three units are structured as set out below:

Unit 1: Customer Experiences (controlled assessment) 25% of overall qualification

In this unit you will learn about the principles of customer service and how tourism organisations use these to set the standards that are at the heart of the customer experience. You will explore and gain an understanding of how customer service affects the behaviour of both customers and employees and the effect it has on a business. You will develop research skills so that you can investigate the quality of the customer experience across different tourism organisations, and learn how to analyse and present your findings.

Unit 2: The Business of Tourism (external exam) 25% of overall qualification

Through this unit you will learn about the issues faced by tourism organisations in today’s highly competitive market. You will gain knowledge of how they organise their businesses to respond to change. You will be able to use the knowledge and understanding you gain to analyse situations, identify issues and review suggestions made for how different types of tourism organisations can respond to issues.

Unit 3: Developing UK Tourist Destinations (controlled assessment) 50% of overall qualification

Through this unit you will understand the features of different types of tourist destinations, considering what it is about those features that make a destination appealing to different types of tourists. You will gain knowledge of the range of organisations that can support the development of a destination, and the role they can play in that development. With this knowledge and understanding you will be able to recommend ways that destinations can enhance their appeal, drawing on evidence of how different destinations have been successful in increasing their appeal and popularity.