Digital Technologies

The Course

At HHVCS we are excited to announce that we now offer GCSE Digital Technologies. ICT has had its day and this new course is an updated and incredibly relevant qualification.

Digital Technologies is all about how we use technology in our lives. Digital Technologies are absolutely everywhere, from the computerised machinery making your clothes to the system heating your home to the driverless cars that are being developed. This course will teach you to analyse the effects of digital tech on individuals, on business, on the environment and on society as a whole. We’ll be looking at the history of digital technology, the present and the future. Let’s face it digital technologies will play an ever increasing role in all of our lives.

Course Content

The exam will focus on data and how we use it, digital systems and communications, the environmental and societal impacts, legal and ethical responsibilities and the future of digital technologies. This exam will be worth 40% of the final grade!

The first coursework is also worth 40% of the whole course and will focus on digital practices such as setting up and manipulating spreadsheets, website construction, animation designing and making and other key software applications.

The second coursework is worth the final 20% of the whole course and will be based on analysing and creating digital assets and digital communications through a simulated online marketing campaign. This will involve dissecting social media and looking at the relevance and impact of each type.

Course Structure

The course will be assessed at the end of year eleven and will be an online examination and two coursework projects.

Other Information

We run an annual trip to give our pupils the opportunity to experience ICT in action. Each year we run trips to London to visit the Science Museum and Harry Potter Studios, the focus of these visits being animatronics and robotics.

There are endless amounts of career opportunities that follow on from this GCSE. But to name just a few; Animator, games developer, website designer, graphics designer, software engineer, cyber security specialist, AI developer, network designer, the list is endless and full of possibilities.

Digital Technologies. One of the most relevant and important subjects of your generation. If you have a real passion to learn more about what digital technology means for all of us and our futures, we look forward to welcoming you onto the course in September.